General conditions for conducting mediation

Description of individual jobs of intermediaries

Article 1.

1. The intermediary is obliged to take actions with the care of a tidy and conscientious businessman in terms of efforts to find and bring into contact with the principal a person who would negotiate the conclusion of a sales or other contract aimed at transferring and acquiring property rights.

2. In addition to the obligation to find a person or opportunity to conclude a contract, the mediator, with the cooperation and notification of the principal, undertakes to mediate in negotiations, try to agree and conclude a contract to the mutual satisfaction, inform the principal (seller / buyer) of the circumstances relevant to the conclusion work, provide legal support during the preparation of individual acts and submit the necessary documentation to the competent Land Registry Department of the Municipal Court for the purpose of registering the right of ownership.

Brokerage fee

Article 2

1. The basic obligation of the principal (seller / buyer) is to pay the intermediary the agreed fee that is paid for certain activities of the intermediary described in Article 1 of the General Conditions for mediation.

2. The obligation to pay the brokerage commission is regulated by the Brokerage Agreement which is concluded with each principal (seller / buyer) individually, and which also regulates the amount of the brokerage fee.

3. The fee for the brokerage service is charged as a percentage of the total amount of the purchase price.

4. The intermediary regulates the intermediary commission by the Decision on the manner of price formation, which is based on the price list published by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Sector for Trade.

Material costs not included in the fee

Article 3

1. The agreed and paid brokerage fee does not include the costs of settling court fees for registration, pre-registration and notation, notary fees for certification of signatures on documents, settlement of fees for obtaining title deeds, copies of the cadastral plan, identification, transfer of a mortgage to change mortgage debtor, certificate and make documents in connection with the concluded legal transaction which realizes the interest of the ordering party (seller / buyer), but it is exclusively his obligation.

2. Material costs that normally constitute court fees for the actions described in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be charged in accordance with the applicable Court Fees Act and other Laws governing the said payment of the costs in question or the principal (seller / buyer) shall pay the court fees independently. as evidence, it is submitted to the mediator for the purpose of attaching it to the proposals / requests that require the payment of due court fees.

Cancellation of the brokerage order

Article 4

1. The principal (seller / buyer) may cancel the brokerage order provided that the revocation is not contrary to the principle of good faith. The procedure of cancellation of the order in this regard cannot fall into a storm, ie with the intention of depriving the intermediary or knowingly damaging the right to compensation.

2. The cancellation of the mediation order is specified in the Mediation Agreement.

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