Two houses for sale, one is bigger the other is smaller:
1. The smaller house on the ground floor has living room, bathroom, hall and kitchen. Upstairs there are three bedrooms. The lower part throughout the house is a covered terrace. There is also cistern for water below the terrace that can be used as a cellar.

Price: 750,000 €

2. The bigger house comprises two flats. On the ground floor there is a flat with two bedrooms, living room and the kitchen connected with bathroom. The ground floor also has a working room with little toilet and a garage with a smaller room. In the floor of the garage there is canal for fixing vehicles if needed.
Upstairs you go by stairs where there is a separate flat with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen. It has attic where in the middle part you can walk normally. Stairs lead to the attic.

In the courtyard there is a garden, olive trees and Mediterranean fruits. The olive trees are older than 100 years. There are lemon, mandarin, fig and orange trees, etc. The sea is a minute away. The centre of the town is 15 minutes away by walk as well as the nearby shops. The town has a good future because of the promising investments. Soon there will be a bigger airport and therefore the connection will be better.

Property details
Elhelyezkedés Kvarner region
AdriaHome Code AH18434
Típus Houses
Helység Mali

26/01/2018 - 22:26

750 000 €